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Amplify: hearing God loudly and clearly

by Teena Goble 


This eight week study is designed to teach a variety of practical topics vital to victorious Christian living and developing an ongoing, deeply personal relationship with God. 


Topic include:

How to hear the voice of God (and to know for sure it's Him)

How to live continually in the presence of God

How to heal from the hurts and traumas of life

How to make vital life choices

How to develop intimacy with God

Removing common hinderances

How to discover the will and counsel of God for daily decisions




God Talk for kids... A kids guide to listening to God


A companion guide to "I Can Only Imagine".

Written for kids Kindergarten - 4th grade. 




Actual Comments about

I Can Only Imagine:


"Never has a study been more beneficial. My quiet time has taken on new meaning! God has answered my cry for help."


"This study has totally changed my expectations of how God speaks and gave me such incredible tools to use in growing my relationship with Christ."


"A wonderful study! The study had very practical, Biblical helps..."


"Authentic...guided by God...excellent teaching methods..."


"This intense study has changed my life. You made it so simple to understand."



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