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A more in-depth study on the Biblical principles of prayer


“Hearing God” is a four-session conference providing a practical, in-depth Biblical study on hearing and knowing God and giving and opportunity for believer to learn how to listen to God, know His will, and live every day  in His presence. 


Benefits directly related to hearing God that will be explored in the conference include: 

  • Does God still speak today?

  • Am I missing out on an intimate relationship with God by settling for only knowing information about God? 

  • How can I be sure what I am hearing is God?

  • What if I make a mistake?

  • Is there more to the Christian life than what I’m currently experiencing? 


This conference is designed to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions about hearing God: 

  • How to know the call of God on our lives

  • How to know the will of God in a situation

  • How to develop a deeper relationship with God

  • How to heal from the hurts and traumas of life

  • How to find meaning and purpose in life

  • How to find the promised “rest” in the Christian life

  • How to run after God and what to do when you find Him


Parenting Conference

An encouraging, practical, Biblical, hands-on conference for parents


This parenting conference is designed to teach vital Biblical principles essential to training our children to love and honor God.  Whether you are a brand new parent or an empty netter, this conference is for you!  A multi-session approach (main sessions and break out sessions), this conference will involve several of the speakers form the PrayerCare teaching team.  The recommended time frame is six hours: for example, Friday night (7mp-9pm) and Saturday (9am-1pm). 


Topics can include: 

  • Hearing God

  • How to win the heart of your child

  • Praying for your family

  • Discipling your children

  • The power of your words

  • Spiritual protection for your family

  • And much more…… 







Contact us

For more information or to schedule a PrayerCare Seminar or Retreat, please call us at 817.427.4441, email us at, or visit the Contact Us page. 




“ made me closer to God.  I see He is the only goal of my life…” 



"This is the conference to end all conferences!"

"I felt this conference had more of an effect on my daily life than any other I have attended. I really never considered that I could have an actual dialog with God!"



“It gave me hope and practical steps to take towards restoring a relationship with my 18 year-old son and ways to strengthen our bond with our 13 year-old…” 


"...(This conference) was an amazing gift of understanding what He sees me as and what He wants from me.  I would recommend it to anyone who has a child or anyone thinking of having a child...”  

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