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We are all about helping you develop an deeply personal relationship with God.  


But it's hard to develop a relationship with Someone you've never met.  If you would like to know God, click below.... 

Need to get right with God? Be Forgiven.

(It is not required for you to pray the following words in order for you to be forgiven -- all that is needed is faith in Jesus. But this PRAYER can be a helpful guide for what to pray.)

Jesus -- I believe that you love me. Throughout my life I've sinned, I've hurt people, I've lied, I've cheated, stolen...

I'm sorry.

Jesus, I believe that you are God.
I believe that you came to Earth in the form of man
you experienced the same things as me
and yet you never sinned.

I believe that You became human, not to judge me, but to save me.
Even though you are Loving, You are Holy.
You can't ignore my sin. The payment of death is required.

I believe You sacrificed your sinless life for all of my sins.
You were nailed to a cross made of wood, and You died, in my place, for my sin.
And I believe that after being dead for 3 days, You rose from the dead -- You came back to life.

Jesus, I believe You are alive. And now you offer me that same Life.

Please forgive my sins. Take all of them, help me to give them to You. 
I can't pay the debt. 
I know You can.

I ask for Your Holy Spirit to make a home within me. Please, talk to me -- let me know You personally.

Please bring me back to life.





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